Premium boarding and training

We specialize in premium, in-home boarding for family friendly dogs. We provide a pleasant atmosphere for well-behaved dogs who love to hang out with their people.

We also provide training, enrichment and socializing services to families who want their puppies to become their best selves into adulthood. We help you along the way of raising your puppy through a once a week play day (this group is full of very sweet, friendly and polite dogs), private lessons and board and train programs.

Our goal for every puppy we work with is to have them loving to please, play and get touch. Along the way they learn things like “no bite”, “no jump”, “come!”, “sit” , “down”, “heel”, “yes! good girl/boy!”, “go in your crate”, “quiet”, “take a break”, “go away/back back/move”.

If things are not going so smoothly at your house when the trainer is away then we help you problem solve with various different techniques for any given problem. We look at making sure your puppy’s mental, social and physical needs are being met in ways your individual puppy needs. The relationship is the core of everything we do.

Since we are raising puppies and toddlers here we cannot accept any aggression cases at this time.

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Posey has improved a lot on her wait/stay! She is laying down with a hand signal while standing up. During play she is dropping the ball much better and listening to "leave it" and "drop" during real life scenarios as well. We have also worked a lot on giving space to people and doorways (with spacial pressure paired with a verbal "go, go, go") and being quiet during relax time.

Posey has been SO good at following off-leash and on-leash! She hasn’t even looked to run off and looks so proud of herself! I have to give credit to her mom for that one! 😍

We love having this girl over and look forward to future boarding vacations with her! 😁❤️
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Posey in for training and Walter in for adventure boarding having a blast being the best dogs ever! ❤️ See MoreSee Less

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Sophie is so cute!

Sophy! 😂

2 weeks ago
K9 Satisfaction LLC

I’m happy to welcome Posey, the 10 month English bulldog, who arrived Tuesday for my three week Well-Mannered dog program!

She is here with an emphasis on better off-leash reliability and less bossy barking. She is also working on a better retrieve, drop and not stealing dog’s nylon bones when they are chewing on them along with everything else in the program like place and leash work. 🙂

Posey has already been socialized really well. She is very playful and lighthearted. When she starts playing with other dogs she can get more play bitey then I like, but she is getting better at stopping play when asked and being less bitey very quickly. She has a great mentality towards me, sweet and respectful. We are all very much enjoying having her around ❤️

Here is a video of Bliss and Posey playing "catch me if you can" 😁. Before letting them play like this I just make sure any new dogs understand and listen to "no bite" and will stop play when asked. 😊
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I am interested is training for my dogs. Where are you and how much do you charge?

Such fun! I love English bulldogs.

4 weeks ago
K9 Satisfaction LLC

Day 4 of Opie’s training! He is an intact 10 month Labrador Retriever, full of energy and drive!

This guy is super fun but not very space aware! He loves to jump, but it hurts! He is also very mouthy, but we are working on it!

He has been learning how to "leave it", "back, back", "go away" and stay down in the house to help him become more conscious of other’s space. He loves to smother you but needs to know when to back off.

Opie has improved on his stay and impulse control dramatically in such a short amount of time. Instead of jumping for his turn for the ball he is now staying in a down! Wow, good boy!

He is learning how to get into the heel position and stay there. He is following the hand into the down now and most importantly staying better. I am working on a speedier down before I ween off such a dramatic hand signal.

He is retrieving super well, no more jumping! He drops nicely and giving me possession quicker every time.

We absolutely love this guy and are super proud of his progress! I personally can’t wait to see him back. I love his care-free, friendly and enthusiastic personality! Good boy Opie! 😁❤️
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Opie looks so happy to please!

Thank you so much for working with our boy!!

Chad Frahm

1 month ago
K9 Satisfaction LLC
There will be no play day this week or next week! Sorry for any inconveniences! We look forward to seeing all of you on our next play day August 25th.

There will be no play day this week or next week! Sorry for any inconveniences! We look forward to seeing all of you on our next play day August 25th. See MoreSee Less

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