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Off-leash training and dog walking

Do you want your dog to come quickly every time you call? Do you want a well-mannered dog when guests come over? Does your dog stop listening to you as soon as he gets off his leash?

I can help you with these and much more. I specialize in off-leash control around difficult distractions, for example, strange dogs and people. This means you can go for a walk with your dog off-leash and be able to recall him whenever needed. You will be able to walk past your neighbors dogs and have a well-behaved canine by your side. No more jumping on visitors, he can hold a down-stay across the room, for hours! Imagine telling your dog to “heel” and him getting into place (off-leash) and staying there as you walk past strangers or barking dogs! The benefits of a well-behaved dog are endless. You will feel much more comfortable bringing your dog out of the house having confidence in his obedience.

Included in every training program:

  • Off-leash reliability
  • Obedience in real life scenarios
  • In-home Boarding
  • Follow-up private lessons
  • Life time support
  • Necessary training tools

The way I differ from my competitors:

I take a holistic approach to dog training. The result is a well-rounded dog that has confident, reliable obedience without the fear you see in other training methods. I prioritize being on the same team with your dog so that he is more compliant in general. Time and thought is put into your dog’s

  • psychological well-being
  • mental needs
  • exercise/play needs
  • previous experiences
  • unique temperament

I work according to the individual dog that is in front of me. Which means a gentler approach with sensitive dogs and a stronger approach to stubborn dogs. This holistic approach creates a general attitude of compliance and more confident obedience.

Another way I differ from my competitors is that I offer reliable off-leash control. You will be able to “back-up” your command with your off-leash tool if your pup doesn’t feel like listening. The main problem I see is the inability for the owners to enforce what they want. They will try various methods and fail to really teach the dog what is expected. The dog and owner are speaking two different languages and communication is lost. I first work with your dog to teach him your language and back it up with effective and humane tools. Then I can teach you how to enforce those commands and show you how to better speak your dog’s language too.

A benefit to completing my training program is that your dog is welcome back to board for a reduced price. During his boarding he will get a refresher on all his obedience skills, a long off-leash run, and extra individualized attention. Your dog will already feel comfortable at my place so it will be a comfortable transition. You can go on vacation knowing he is happy and well taken care of. All this for only $50 a day.

Have you tried a different dog training school and it didn’t work for you? Is your dog struggling with fear or aggression that has been worsened by other training methods? Does your dog hate to perform? Or is hesitant when you say a command?

This is a common problem with typical training methods. The dog’s psychological state is not addressed and his full potential will not come out. The first step is building your dog up so that he knows what is expected. Then we can slowly up the stressful events so your dog can handle it in stride. This creates an end result of a more dog with more confident obedience. Every dog does best when he understands the ground rules from the beginning in a kind gentle manner. Once he understands we can have a much higher expectation than ever thought.

Foundation-style dog training is a step by step method to teaching a dog the “foundational rules” of obedience. It has been proofed on a wolf through a chihuahua. It is the best way to handle aggressive, stubborn or fearful dogs. If other methods haven’t worked for you, then you have come to the right place.

Other areas that I show you how to get the maximum potential from:

Relationship – Your relationship with your dog is of highest importance to me. I emphasize relationship because it is what is left when all other motivators are put aside. A great relationship is the difference between a dog that LOVES to obey and a dog that HAS to obey. This is highly dependent on each dog and his owner because some dogs care less about your affection and disappointment. Whatever you and your dog’s temperament is like I will work with to keep relationship a priority without compromising on obedience.

Exercise – A happy dog is a well-behaved dog. Included in all my training programs, I develop a physical and mental exercise regimen for your dog. If your dog’s needs are taken care of there will be more general compliance. A stronger bond can develop creating a exponentially positive relationship. A benefit of completing my training program is that I offer off-leash socializing/exercising trips for your dogs. I take your dog to run around at a field, visit a dog park or a hike through the woods. This helps my extra busy customers who don’t have time to take care of all their dog’s exercise needs. For more information go to my “dog walking” page.

Leadership – Leadership for a dog is much more complex than words can describe. It takes a person that can have strong emotional control (or at least good at faking it!). A dog respects consistency. A person who is calm, confident, and assertive makes a good leader with dogs, as it does with humans. These characteristics don’t need to be present all the time, just during times when you desire compliant obedience or during stressful events. For example, I am not assertive or calm when I am rough housing with my dog, I am crazy and fun!!

Composure – The most powerful tool you have is your mind, this controls every action you do and the tone of your voice. Physical tools play an important part. But they always come off, and what is left is factors such as your relationship with your dog, your dog’s temperament, and your own emotional control and assertiveness.  Included in every training program, I will be working one-on-one with you to show you how to handle various problems you may run into. Teaching you the best mindset for handling your dog is the most difficult, yet most important task I do.

About me and my goals:

It is truly my passion to see every dog and his owner flourish in their relationship and obedience. Every dog and owner are so different and I am never fully satisfied with results. I’m always striving for better, quicker, happier, more compliant obedience. I also know that everyone has different expectations and value different aspects in their dogs. So I want to make you happy first and foremost (given the potential to your specific dog’s temperament). I enjoy the relational aspect that I share with you and your dog, its a self-rewarding job.

We strive to be a five star business. If we have not measured up to that standard please message Shannon Hargis so that we can become a five star service for you!

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